July 1: Registration is still open. 

We are all seeing the rise in cases and the backtrack in the city fully opening. At this time the plan is to move forward with the season, while things may look different at practices and games. 

In a recent conference call with other organizations, we can determine that numbers across all leagues are low. Whether it be from families waiting to see if we have a season before they register, or deciding to sit the season out all together.

To keep full transparency for our Grizzly families, here's what we know:

  • Our 6u and 8u flag numbers are great.
  • Our 3rd/4th tackle and 6th tackle numbers are also great - those teams should make with no problem.
  • 5th grade numbers are low, if they don't rise, these players will have the option of joining the 6th grade team.
  • Cheer numbers are good as well. We have at least 4 teams already! 

That being said, not all other organizations have the numbers quite yet.

Also, we're at the mercy of LISD for game day facilities. At this point we don't know when/if they will open those in the fall. 

The church for cheer practices is also not quite open yet.

There are several things being discussed at the Central Texas level, from pushing the start of the season back 2-3 weeks to give LISD time to open and us time to order uniforms later (so we can refund fully if we cancel). The last resort would be to cancel the fall 2020 season completely if things don't continue to open.

Right now we encourage all families to register so we can report what teams we'll have when we do start. 

A conference call is scheduled for July 15th with all Central Texas leagues to make the decision on next steps. 

If the season cancels, registrations will be refunded.

Cheerleaders will get an email late next week with uniform fitting information!

Thank you for your patiences, we're all in this together! Go Griz!

-GYFA Board of Directors

COVID-19 Update: 

Upcoming Events

April 1: Hey Grizzlies! While we normally open fall registration on April 1, we feel it's crucial to focus on more important things at this time. I know we're all kind of "winging it" and waiting to see where things go from here.

With that being said, we are going to push back the opening of registration until May 1 and keep an eye on the upcoming projections. It is our hope that we'll be back on track soon and have another fantastic season of football and cheer.

Hope you and your family are staying safe (and sane) during these crazy times.

-GYFA Board of Directors

May 1: Registration is now open!

We are constantly watching the News updates and LISD updates. In the event we need to cancel the season prior to July 15th, you'll receive a full refund for registration. 

Please keep in mind that uniforms would have to be ordered for football and cheer by July 15th to have in by the first week of September. In the event the season cancels or delays after July 15th, a full refund would not be possible.

We are exploring all options including starting the season a few weeks later if needed. At this point, we're all playing it by ear!

-GYFA Board of Directors

July 15: Delay of Season.

Tonight we had a conference call with all surrounding organizations. The general consensus is that we're both not ready to start the season, and not ready to cancel the season.

At this time LISD cannot confirm rental availability for football practices or games. The church has also not said when/if they'll be opening their gym for cheer practice rental.

Cheer and Football uniform fittings will continue to push back until we know when/if we will begin. The last thing we want to do is order uniforms that are non-refundable and end up cancelling.

The next conference call is scheduled for August 19th to re-evaluate the possibility of setting a new start date. Practices will not begin until a new date is set.

Registration will remain open until August 19th.

-GYFA Board of Directors